Monday, February 18, 2013


ePals is a K-12 learning network, covering over one million classrooms worldwide. This website is a wonderful service for technologically-savvy students across the globe to connect with other learners. ePals constitutes a rich, diverse learning environment for students seeking to learn more about world languages and cultures. This website has taken the art of pen pal writing, and digitalized this practice into a practical 21st century means.

There are a multitude of activities for students to partake in, all of which are aligned to state standards for each of the fifty states. ePals offers many types of projects that foster collaborative learning within the classroom, and across the web. This social media allows students to practice problem solving, critical thinking, and communication through the use of various web 2.0 tools. There are a multitude of testimonials which indicate the efficacy of implementing such a tool in the classroom.

Below is a video detailing the basics of ePal for the uninitiated educator. The layout is simple and user friendly. Students will love using this site to partake in a lush, student-oriented center of learning.

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  1. I fell in love with this site several years ago and it just keeps getting better and better.