Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bookr: A welcome addition to the L2 classroom

As my recent Bookr on air resistance will show, I have recently discovered this wonderful presentation medium. Easy to use and entirely web-based, this tool can prove to be a fun and engaging resource in the classroom. 

Users select images from a vast array of images licensed under Creative Commons. By the way, this is also a great opportunity to teach students about giving credit to photographers when credit is due. Students write a narrative on each slide and select a photo to accompany the text on each slide. Afterward, the student can publish and share his or her work!

In publishing a Bookr, students can present upon something that is meaningful to them. Presentations can be funny, they can be inspiring, or perhaps even serious. This activity can teach students that narratives carry a tremendous amount of power; a power that can bring about civic change, or raise awareness regarding civil issues. Educators are highly encouraged to furnish students with a broad array of academic resources with which to present material. We are training students to become a group of technologically-savvy, intelligent thinkers who use technology to effect positive change.

I would use this resource in my classroom to supplement a certain unit. We could be learning about physics (as shown in my Bookr) and this opportunity could be used to teach English through physics concepts. The art of storytelling is integral to cultural traditions, and incorporating this resource into the classroom allows students to tap into this mode of dialogue.

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  1. I really enjoyed your book. i also agree with you that it is important to teach students to attribute photos to the photographers in the same way that they attribute text to authors.