Monday, March 4, 2013

Word Vine: An Engaging Language Game

While researching casual games that may be beneficial to language students, I came across Word Vine, an interactive game provided by Miniclip. There is a great deal of differentiation available, as students can select between basic, easy, medium, and difficult challenge levels. This game focuses on a tough concept, namely, compound words, and makes them fun! Students are presented with an array of vines (pictured below) that become increasingly gnarly with each successive difficulty level.

Students examine the root words provided and attempt to construct compound words according to the vine layout. The layout pictured above is a trivial arrangement, but as the difficulty increases (pictured below), root words are shared, and students will have to use their deductive reasoning to string together a complex system of compound words!

For example, if the words "bulb," "house," and "light" are provided, students will pair together "light" and "house," as well as "light" and "bulb," with the word "light" being shared by the two other words. This game will allow students to practice their English language chops while thinking constructively. Students will familiarize themselves with English compound words while having fun. The game format can motivate students to partake in gameplay with the ulterior motive of encouraging language learning!

If the instructor is up to the task, he or she can encourage students to create their own Word Vine puzzles to give to other students! This will encourage students to come up with common root words and to generate as many possible permutations as possible.

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  1. Having students create their own puzzles to share sounds quite motivating for all.